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Vernon Park uses NIHR for its research.  See below the information relating to NIHR (National Institute of Health Research)

The NIHR provides evidence to improve outcomes for patients and inform decisions on the effectiveness, efficiency and safety of the health and care system. We address the research needs of a wide range of evidence-users including the public and patients, frontline health and care professionals, managers and policy makers.

We do this so that the NHS supports and harnesses the best research and innovations to improve patient outcomes, transform services and ensure value for money. Patients benefit from access to clinical trials including cutting edge treatments and the NHS benefits from new medicines, technologies and processes.

Is it safe to participate in clinical trials?


MYTH: Clinical studies are not safe. I'd be gambling with my health if I signed up.

 ... Clinical study participants receive regular and careful medical attention and are closely observed for safety concerns. During the study, researchers must inform you of any new risks, benefits, or side effects they discover.

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre manages the Clinical Research Network (CRN) on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care. The CRN makes it possible for patients and health professionals across England to participate in clinical research studies, in both the NHS and in the wider health and social care environment.

The CRN provides the infrastructure that allows high-quality clinical research and meets the costs of using NHS staff that support research and provides specialist training so that patients can be confident that research is being delivered by trained, experienced NHS staff.

The CRN also meet the costs of using NHS facilities, such as scanners and x-rays that are needed in the course of a study, so that research is not subsidised with funding that has been provided for patient care.

At the heart of CRN activities is the NIHR CRN Portfolio of studies. This consists of high-quality clinical research studies that are eligible for consideration for support from the CRN in England. 

We also provide the Study Support Service that helps researchers and the life sciences industry plan, set up and deliver high quality research to time and target in the both the NHS and in the wider health and social care environment, across England. We provide this service for all studies eligible for our support, regardless of location, study type, study size, therapy or research area. Whether your study is medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, bio-tech or is looking at healthy populations or people with social care needs, we can help.      

Find out more about our performance and key statistics relating to our activity.



Patient Participation Survey

We would like to thank all the members of the Patient Participation Group with this project also all those at the surgery who have completed the questionnaire.  The results can be viewed by following the link below.

Family and Friends Test

CQC Inspection Report 2016

CQC Report
CQC Report
CQC Report 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [309.3 KB]

NHS Summary Care Records

The NHS is introducing an improved way of storing and managing important medical information electronically, called Summary Care Records. We are taking part in this scheme which means that, in the future, and with your consent, key information from your GP record will start to become available electronically to NHS staff treating you out of hours or in an emergency.

Summary Care Records will contain key information about your health: details of your allergies, your current prescriptions and whether you have had any bad reactions to medicines.
All registered patients over the age of 16 will receive a letter, information leaflet and an opt- out form through the post which gives you more information.
If you would like to have a Summary Care Record you don’t need to do anything.
If you do not want to have a Summary Care Record, you can opt out by filling in the opt- out form included in your information pack or print one below. You can either post it back to the freepost address on the back of the form or bring it into the surgery.
If you would like more information, please go to the NHS Summary Care Record Website
Summary Care Opt Out Form
Summary Care Opt Out Form
Adobe Acrobat document [515.5 KB]
Practice Survey Results 2013/14 (click here)
Practice Survey Results 2013/14 (
PPG report 2013-14
PPG report 2013-14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [511.8 KB]
click here
PPG report 2013-14
PPG report 2013-14.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [511.8 KB]

New Hepatitis B Vaccination

From 1st September 2015 a new vaccination is being introduced for babies
with their 1st and 3rd vaccinations and then a booster at 12/13 months

also adolescents between the ages of 14 and 18 as of the 31st August 2016

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